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The Symphony_Content (version 3.2) generates a XAML Resource Dictionary that contains Object Data Provider references.  These Object Data Provider references provide the link between the generated collection classes (see Symphony_Collection/Symphony_CollectionFromFile templates) and the user interface styles.  For any field in the Synergy Repository that defines either a selection list or a selection window you can code generate collections that represent the list data.  The Style (Symphony_Style template) references these collections via Object Data Provider references generated by this template. 

It is recommended that your generated code from the Symphony_Content template is created into a project sub-folder called Resources.
 CodeGen Template Tokens
Token Comments
NAMESPACE Specifies the namespace within which to create the class.
 Symphony Tokens
There are no Symphony Tokens required for this template.

 CodeGen Command Examples
Create standard collection
codegen e -r -s PART -t Symphony_Collection_v3_2 -o %ROOT%ControlLibrary\Content -n ControlLibrary.Content
 WARNING: This code was code generated. Any changes that you
          make to this code will be overwritten if the code is regenerated!

 Template author:    Richard C. Morris : RCP Consultants.

 Template Name:    Symphony Framework : SYMPHONY_CONTENT_V3_2.tpl


<!-- converter resources -->

    <!-- create some local data objects for combo controls -->

      <ObjectDataProvider x:Key="PART_STATUSitems" ObjectType="{x:Type content:PART_STATUS_Collection}"/>

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