Symphony Framework
Symphony Framework

The Symphony Framework is developed and provided by RCP Consultants.  Symphony Framework provides developers with the tools and utilities to develop modern applications that can fully utilize older technologies and existing business logic and data.

What's new?

Symphony.dB is a new capability built into the Symphony Framework.  Using Symphony.dB gives you the ability to migrate your application away from ISAM file data to relational database managed data with minimal changes to your application.  Symphony.dB is a royalty-free solution that supports all the main databases such as Microsoft SQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL and Oracle.  Once your existing business application is managing the data in your chosen relational database you can then tick the "which database?" box on every prospect's check-list.

The Symphony Framework libraries are delivered via NuGet - simple search "Symphony Framework" from the NuGet Package Manager within Visual Studio.  Once installed you have all the powerful capabilities at your fingertips.


Services such as the Symphony Bridge server can provide access to your existing application data and logic to a variety of clients via a number of industry standard networking protocols such as TCP/IP, HTTP(s), Web Services, Microsoft Service Relay and RESTful web services.


Symphony also provides a number of powerful utilities.  The Symphony ISAM Manager allows you to manager the data in your applications ISAM files using standard SQL syntax.  Real-time logging of events and errors within your applications can be viewed using the Symphony Event Viewer.



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