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Symphony.Harmony Namespace : DBConnector Class

The following tables list the members exposed by DBConnector.

Public Constructors
Public ConstructorOverloaded.   
Public Fields
Public Field Are we performing a case sensitive search?  
Public Properties
Public Property The current client ID, read-only.  
Public Property Force the client/server connection to use JSON and not the derault BSON.  
Public PropertyThe ServerType property allows you to define the type of server the cleint is connecting to. The default is HostServiceType.ConsoleServerWeb.Other options areHostServiceType.ConsoleServerTcp and HostServiceType.RelayServer  
Public PropertyDefine the time, in seconds, the Symphony Harmony client will wait for the remote Symphony Bridge server to respond to a request. The default is 90 seconds.  
Public Methods
Public Method Allow the clienht to configure case sensitivity  
Public Method Allow the setting of a defualt assembly name. This will be appended to any method calls if set.  
Public Method Define the required locking option on the server.  
Public Method Provide the timeout value before a record lock on the server will abort.  
Public Method Enable lock tracing on the server. Once set to true all lock informaiton will be recorded and can be traced using the Symphony Harmony Pulse viewer.  
Public MethodProvide the ability to set all created Symphony Data Object instnaces to supress property changed notifications.  
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