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Symphony Harmony is a powerful library that allows SQL like access to your Synergy DBMS data and Synergy .Net logic.  The classes within Symphony Harmony can be used to access data and logical both locally (in-process) or remotely via Symphony Bridge.  The syntax and calling structure is identical regardless.

Symphony Harmony uses Symphony Data Object$ classes to communicate data using standard SQL like query command and stored procedures (methods).  These classes should be code generated and included in a class Library.  The class library should then be referenced in the client project (local access) or placed ion the Symphony BRidge folder for remote access.  In addition to the data object classes the framework requires a table mapping routine to line the table name defines in the commands to the physical Synergy DBMS file name.  This table mapping method can be code-generated using the Symphony_TableMapping template.

ClassThe DataSelect class enables SQL style queries againt a various database technologies.
ClassAllow the Symphony Harmony client to define either the local Symphony Hamrony or the required remote Symphony Bridge server connection protocol. Define the required connection settings to allow the Symphony Harmony client to connect to the local or remote resource.
Enumeration Symphony Bridge host service types.
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