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Symphony.Conductor.ViewModel Namespace : BaseViewModel Class

The following tables list the members exposed by BaseViewModel.

Public Constructors
Public ConstructorOverloaded.   
Public Properties
Public Property Allows readonly access to the name of the current visual state.  
Public Property This property is used to determine if the current visual state is the base visual state.  
Public Property Navigate state command binding point.  
Public Property Allow readonly access to the parent View.  
Public Property The Quit state command binding point can be used to define a quit, or exit point.  
Public Methods
Public Method Method to bind Visual States.  
Public Method Method to override if the extending view model needs to initialise.  
Public MethodOverloaded.  Allow navigation to a visual state.  
Public MethodMethod to allow the host View Model to force the Symphony.Conductor.Framework.UIStateStack to restore to the initial or base visual state.  
Public Method Raise the Message and Response event on the correct thread.  
Public Method Allows programs to raise the TK menu signal, passing in the menu name.  
Public Method All visual states are popped off the state stack.  
Public Method Cancel the current state and revert back to the previous state.  
Public Method End the current state and revert back to the previous visual state.  
Public Method This method can be assigned as an event handler for a GenericCommand.  
Protected Methods
Protected Method Method to allow the extending class to raise the PropertyChanged event  
Public Events
Public Event Event raised after the requested state has been navigated to.  
Public Event Event raised before navigation to a visual state occurs.  
Public Event Event to allow the moving to the intial or base visual state.  
Public Event Allow change notifications.  
Public Event Property changed event definition.  
Public Event Event raised when the story board for the current visual state navigation completes.  
Public Event Allow the host program to trap for TK menu signals.  
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